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    Three-quarters of consumers believe they are not responsible for over-indebtedness, new research has found.

    A study by credit reference agency Callcredit revealed people in the east of England are the least likely to accept responsibility, with only 22 per cent believing the borrower is responsible for their level of debt.

    Owen Roberts, head of Callcredit consumer, said it is important consumers take control of their own finances.

    He said: "Instead of worrying about who is to blame, as individuals we need take responsibility for our own financial wellbeing."

    Mr Roberts advised those struggling with their repayments to assess their debts and contact their lenders to negotiate a suitable repayment plan.

    However, one potential issue with an informal arrangement with creditors is that they can retract their agreement if they choose and leave the debtor struggling once more.

    Individual voluntary arrangements are agreed in a court and legally binding once they have been set up.

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