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    Years of easily-available credit have left many Britons keen to spend "tomorrow’s money today", an expert has warned.

    Cliff D’Arcy, a commentator for financial advice website Fool.co.uk, suggested that credit has become an "ingrained" aspect of life in Britain.

    In fact, the country’s debt burden has never been greater, he warned.

    Before a person can get themselves out of debt, they must understand the total, Mr D’Arcy continued.

    He urged: "Begin by bringing together all of the paperwork relating to your debts. Find the latest documents regarding your credit and store cards, car and personal loans, overdrafts, store finance agreements and so on."

    Then, debtors should throw as much money as they can at their borrowing, beginning with the most expensive, the personal finance expert concluded.

    However, when they list all their borrowing, some debtors may find that they cannot afford to maintain the amount without refinancing.

    One option for those facing such problem debt is an individual voluntary arrangement, or IVA, an agreement which allows them to repay an affordable monthly sum for a set period.

    At the end of that period, any remaining debt can be written off, setting the person debt-free.

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