People who have maintained regular repayments on mortgage commitments and unsecured debts have the best prospects of securing mortgages and remortgages.

Such loans however may still available to those who have experienced financial difficulties. This is not surprising as 1 in 4 of us are registered as having had financial problems. In our opinion it is not usually advisable for people to borrow money secured on their house to pay off unsecured debt. The reason for this is that by borrowing further money you will be incurring further interest and charges, usually repayable over a longer period of time.

If we believe a loan might be the right solution for you we will advise you and if you would like us to arrange for you to be advised by an independent financial advisor who can advise you on all the types of loans and terms that might be available to you.

If we feel that this is not the right solution we will explain why and advise you on the alternatives that are available.

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