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    Credit card users across Britain are "being punished" by their lenders in the wake of the so-called credit crunch, it has been claimed.

    A report from MoneyExpert.com has revealed that the typical annual percentage rate charged by a high street credit card lender has increased from 16.56 per cent to 17.12 per cent over the past six months.

    More and more consumers are struggling with debt management and money problems and credit card users are finding that balance transfer deals are becoming increasingly expensive.

    Sean Gardener from MoneyExeprt.com, said: "More of us will have to use our current credit card and if the zero per cent deal has expired you’ll be borrowing money at a rate of around 16 per cent.

    Last week, Vicky Redwood, from Capital Economics suggested that money lenders in the UK are becoming increasingly keen to avoid risk associated with their loan deals.

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