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    Repossession is only carried out as a last resort when borrowers are left with no other debt management option, the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) has claimed.

    In a letter to the chancellor Alistair Darling recently, the CML said that the scale of repossessions in the UK is low and likely to remain so even as the economic outlook worsens.

    The council suggested that its members do all they can to help families who are struggling to meet their repayment demands and made clear that borrowers can help themselves to avoid these kinds of money problems.

    According to the CML, homeowners can help themselves keep hold of their property "by ensuring they make contact with their lender as soon as they realise they may face difficulties".

    Homeowners and borrowers around the country can expect the Bank of England to cut the base rate of interest until August at the earliest, according to the recent assessment of Global Insight’s chief UK and European economist Howard Archer.

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