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    For the millions in the UK who really do have to live payday to payday, savings are a luxury. But if you even manage £10 a week, that’s £520 every year. Here are ten ways you just might be able to save yourself that tenner every single week.


    Do you buy your lunch every day at work? Depending on where you work and what you buy, you could be spending up to £5 per working day. Of course, you don’t have a full working week every week, but where you do, you could save cash by buying in the ingredients from the supermarket to make your own packed lunches. Yes, granted, it takes a bit more effort… but it’s certainly bank account friendly!

    Stick to a Shopping List

    Certainly not a world changing or revolutionary saving tactic, but if you do write a list and stick to it when it comes to your supermarket shop, you’ll prevent yourself from making impulse purchases that really do add up.

    Ditch the Brands

    Supermarket brands are often significantly cheaper than their brand alternatives – and really, does it make a difference? Apart from the label, is there really anything notably better about a brand? Of course, we all have our preferences when it comes to certain foods. But consider switching a few of the brands for some supermarket’s own.

    Compare Prices

    We’ve really no excuse to take the first price we see anymore. Whether it’s utility prices, insurance, electrical goods or anything else, there are now so many price comparison engines online that we can see in an instant where we can get the best price. And does it really make a difference? Yes! For some items you might only be talking in pennies, but for other products you can save substantial amounts just by going to the place with the best price.

    Free Entertainment

    There are a host of cost free ways to entertain yourself in the towns and cities of the UK. Museums and libraries are completely free to access, for example. Try websites such as wherecanwego.com, which allows you to search a host of events nationwide and filter by price. There are a load of completely free to attend events and attending some of these can cut the costs of your weekly leisure and recreation bill immensely.

    Small changes can really add up…. And while £10 a week might not seem like massive savings, £520 a year is money we’re sure you wouldn’t say no to. Whether you keep that in the ‘rainy day’ fund or treat yourself with it, however, well that’s entirely up to you!

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