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    A bit of extra cash to supplement your social life could always come in handy! Here’s how to increase your income without overdoing the hours.

    Part Time Work

    Your student union bar, shops, offices, the university itself… there will be plenty of places looking for part time staff. Businesses within university towns are used to taking on part time staff and can often cater to your lecture schedule. Your university will have a “job shop,” of some sort where agencies and organisations advertise vacancies targeted specifically at students too.


    Freelancing really is a way that you can supplement your income without having to tie yourself to a set rota. Sites like getafreelancers.com, studentgems.co.uk and elance.com allow you to advertise your skills in pretty much anything. Whether you’re a keen copywriter, part time web developer, talented graphic designer or can translate documents into a multitude of languages, someone somewhere will be looking for your skills. Freelancing does require discipline, though.

    Get Rid of Your Junk

    All that stuff you’ve got boxed up in your Mum’s attic…do you really need it? Books, CDs and pretty much anything else you can think of could sell on eBay and earn you a bit of extra pocket money.

    Grants and Bursaries

    Many students could be eligible for private grants and bursaries offered by individual universities. Even if you are not entirely sure that you would fit the criteria, apply anyway or in the very least, speak to the Finance Officers within your University. The worst thing that can happen is that your application is declined. Best case scenario? More financial help to see you through your academic year!

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