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Money Helper helps people manage their money. They do this directly through their own free and impartial advice service.
Also working in partnership with other organisations to help people make the most of their money.

Are you considering Bankruptcy? Are you absolutely certain that Bankruptcy is the best solution to your debt problems?

If you’re experiencing debt problems, MoneySolve can assess your personal circumstances, talk you through the options that are available and help you decide on what the best way forward is for you. We offer a range of debt solutions including advice on bankruptcy to help get you out of debt in the shortest possible time, depending on the level of debt there might be realistic alternatives to bankruptcy for some individuals.

If You Want to Avoid Bankruptcy

There are now two particular alternatives to bankruptcy that some people, dependent upon their personal circumstances, could benefit from. Those are the IVA and the Debt Relief Order.

We will listen to your circumstances and advise you on the pros and cons of Bankruptcy which are detailed below.

If You Can’t Avoid Bankruptcy

We can advise you how to apply for your own bankruptcy should this be deemed the most appropriate solution for your circumstances.

Bankruptcy Advantages and Disadvantages

For a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages and all other debt options please click here. You will need Adobe reader to view the file.

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