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If a debtor is forced to declare bankruptcy, one of their major concerns is often where the details will be published and who will find out. Here’s a breakdown of exactly where that information will be made available.


Local newspapers used to publish details (names and addresses) of all local bankruptcies but this is not the case now. They only publish those that are deemed to be of local interest. However, the London Gazette publishes all bankruptcies and their archives go back hundreds of years.

The Insolvency Service

All bankruptcies are listed on the Insolvency Service website and will remain listed (along with your name, address and trading addresses if applicable) until you are discharged.

The Land Charges Register

When a bankruptcy order is made, it is added to the Land Charges Register. It remains here for 5 years.

Credit Reference Agencies

Credit reference agencies will be able to access information about your bankruptcy from the Insolvency Service and/or press. Even if you have been discharged from your bankruptcy, it will remain on your credit file for 6 years.

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