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After EDF increased its tariff by more than 15% in November, in line with other major suppliers, the latest move may come as a surprise to many.

However, there has been a 9.2% decline in the wholesale price of gas, so they are only passing on around half of that saving to consumers.

Over the weekend, there was speculation that rival company Centrica (which owns British Gas) was planning to roll out a 10% reduction in household energy prices, but no announcement has been made as yet.

EDF has stressed that it was the last big energy supplier to increase its tariffs in the autumn, and that it was announcing a cut before any of its competitors.

Vincent de Rivaz, chief executive at EDF, said customers want “fair, clear and transparent prices.” He added customers want action rather than words, and highlighted the company’s record on pricing.

But are their customers happy with the service? A flood of complaints following the recent introduction of a new billing system suggests not.

Additionally, consumer champions Which? have just published their annual energy company satisfaction survey – EDF are ranked 5th out of the big 6 energy suppliers, with less than half of customers saying they were satisfied with the company or likely to recommend them to others.

Do you get your gas from EDF? Would you recommend them to others? Let us know.

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