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write off debtHave you borrowed money which you can no longer afford to pay back? If so, you’re certainly not alone. The important thing is that, if you want to do something about it, you’ve come to the right place – we can advise you as to whether it will be possible for you to write off the part of your debt that you cannot afford to repay.

At MoneySolve, we specialise in finding the best solutions for people who are struggling to pay off their debts.

Whether you’ve just borrowed money from one lender, or you have multiple debts with different providers, we can help.

From credit cards and store cards to unsecured loans, if you can’t find the money to pay off your debts, it’s vital that you find a solution before your financial situation gets any worse.

The best option for dealing with your debt problems will depend on your unique circumstances – our experienced advisors will be able to identify the right solution for you and advise on whether it might be possible to write off any debt that you cannot afford to repay.

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What Are The Options If You Want To Write Off Debt?


One option is an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (or IVA) – this is a scheme that was introduced in 1986 under the insolvency act and this legislation could enable you to write off as much as 75% of your debt. If you’re based in Scotland, there is an equivalent scheme known as a Trust Deed which could allow you to write off up to 90% of your debt.

Debt Management Plan

Another less formal option is a debt management plan or financial management programme.  This is a non-legally-binding agreement between you and your creditors. This is generally a good option for people who need a short-term solution due to a short term problem, leading to a temporary drop in income.


In most cases, bankruptcy should be viewed as a last resort, but for some people this may be the best option. Bankruptcy will allow you to write off all unsecured debts excluding student loans, fines, and Child Support payments. Debts that can be fully written off through bankruptcy include unsecured loans, credit cards, utility bills, CCJs and unpaid taxes.

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